Welcome to the lab group page of Eoin Brodie. Dr. Brodie is a Staff Scientist in the Earth Science Division at Lawrence Berkeley National Lab and an Assistant Adjunct Professor in the Department of Environmental Science, Policy and Management at the University of California, Berkeley.

Research in the group has a common theme: Reverse engineering natural microbial communities to enable a predictive understanding of microbial diversity and function.

We study microbial communities in the context of environmental and human health and sustainable energy

Current research projects include:

Soil science, climate change and carbon cycling

  • Mapping Soil Heterogeneity at the Microbial Scale (funded by DOE-LBNL LDRD; PI-Brodie)
  • Modeling Desert Soil Crust Microbial Community Responses to Pulsed Climate Events (funded by DOE-LBNL LDRD; PI-Trent Northen-LBNL)
  • Plant Stimulation of Soil Microbial Community Succession: How Sequential Expression Mediates Soil Carbon Stabilization and Turnover (funded by DOE BER; PI-Mary Firestone-UC Berkeley)
  • Can microbial functional traits predict the response and resilience of decomposition to global change? (funded by DOE BER; PI- Steve Allison-UC Irvine)
  • Mediterranean Grassland Soil Metagenome (MGSM): Enabling a systems view of soil carbon and nitrogen biogeochemistry under a changing climate (funded by DOE BER under JGI Community Sequencing Program. PI-Brodie)
  • Developing a Mechanistic High-Latitude Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Cycle Model in TOUGHREACT (PI-Bouskill)

Sustainable energy

  • A Systems Biology Approach to Energy Flow in H2-Producing Microbial Communities (funded by DOE BER; component of LLNL Biofuels SFA; Lab Lead-Jennifer Pett-Ridge). Here we use a Passalid beetle that feeds on hardwoods as our model system to study lignocellulose deconstruction and fermentation into Hydrogen and other potential fuels.

Subsurface Biogeochemistry

  • Unraveling biogeochemical reaction networks (component of LBNL Sustainable Systems SFA, funded by DOE BER; Lab Lead – Susan Hubbard)

Human Health

  • Resequencing microarray for rapid detection and antimicrobial resistance profiling (funded by NIH NIAID; PI – Susan Lynch-UCSF)
  • Foregut microbiome in development of esophageal adenocarcinoma (funded by NIH NCI; PIs – Zhiheng Pei-NYU, Karen Nelson-JCVI)

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