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Genomic and Physiological Characterization of the Chromate-Reducing, Aquifer-Derived Firmicute Pelosinus sp. Strain HCF1

Pelosinus spp. are fermentative firmicutes that were recently reported to be prominent members of microbial communities at contaminated subsurface sites in multiple locations. Here we report metabolic characteristics and their putative genetic basis in Pelosinus sp. strain HCF1, an isolate that predominated anaerobic, … Continue reading

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What happens when it rains?

Microorganisms feature a variety of states that permit survival through harsh conditions, such as those they experience in the soil environment during a hot, dry Mediterranean-climate summer. Many microbes produce small cyst-like cells restructured from vegetative cells; others produce spores. … Continue reading

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Ulisses wins NSF Science Education Leadership Award

Congrats to Ulisses who was awarded an NSF Science Education Leadership Award for his work with SynBERC (Synthetic Biology Engineering Research Center), who recognized Ulisses for his significant contribution to the SynBERC’s educational mission and for leadership in synthetic biology education, outreach, … Continue reading

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Two 2013 LDRDs awarded to our group

Nicholas J. Bouskill Developing a Mechanistic High-Latitude Soil Carbon and Nitrogen Cycle Model in TOUGHREACT Eoin L. Brodie Integrative Mapping of Soil Heterogeneity at the Microbial Scale see ESD news item    

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