Zaw Ye



Zaw Ye received his undergraduate degree in Microbiology from University of California, Berkeley (UCB) in 2011. While studying at UCB, he volunteered at Prof. Mary Firestone’s Laboratory as an Undergraduate Research Student and was involved with a project that studies optimization of plant decomposition via bacteria and fungi. He is currently working in the Brodie Lab in the Ecology Department of the Earth Sciences Division at Lawrenence Berkeley National Laboratory (LBNL) as a Research Assisttant. His research involves scaling of microbes’ genomic and transcriptomic response to alterations in precipitation and identifying microbial community composition through Illumina sequencing. His area of expertise includes isolation and growth of bacterial and fungal cultures, extraction of genetic information from soil and isolates, qPCR and amplification of DNA and cDNA for downstream applications such as sequencing.


2009-2011 B.S. in Microbiology, University of California, College of Natural Resources

Professional Experience

2011-present Research Assistant at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

2010-2011 Undegraduate Student Researcher at University of California, Berkeley


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