Ruyang Han


I am a Geological Postdoctoral Fellow working under the supervision of Dr. Eoin Brodie.  My current project focuses on microbial physiology and molecular mechanism of Chromium(VI) reduction by anaerobic bacteria.  The pure culture-based study includes: 1) to isolate key Cr reducing anaerobic bacterial strains from Hanford 100H sediment; 2) to differentiate molecular mechanisms of chromium reduction by denitrifying, fermentative, sulfate reducing bacteria using Cr isotopic analysis and transcriptional expression-qPCR assay.  I received my Ph.D. in Microbiology and Molecular Genetics under the supervision of Dr. Gerben Zylstra at Rutgers University in May 2008.

As an environmental microbiologist, my research interests also include: heavy metal bioreduction, molecular genetics of aromatic contaminants biodegradation, crude oil bioremediation, anaerobic cellulose degradation and biofuel production.


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