HsiaoChien (Jeny) Lim


Jeny studied at the University of California, Davis, where she graduated with a BSc in Biotechnology in 2008. Her general research interest at that time was in Animal genetics.  She had worked in many different fields from studying Transgenesis to Drosophilla melanogaster to Mycoplasma. She eventually landed her first industrial job after graduation, where she worked in the Integrated Biosystems Lab at Intel Corp., assisting next-generation sequencing research. In 2009, Jeny joined the Brodie lab as a Research Associate and has expanded her research interests to the genetics of the microbial world. Her current research includes (1) development of microbial signatures of subsurface biogeochemical processes relevant to the bioremediation of heavy metals, (2) identifying the microbes responsible for biochar decomposition in soils, and (3) overseeing the Environmental Microbiology Sequencing Facility which is managed by the Brodie lab.

Jeny is responsible for running and maintaing an Illumina GAIIx sequencer and a PyroMark ID96 pyrosequencing instrument.



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